Custom Insulated Cooler Bags


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Custom Insulated Cooler Bags Wholesale, OEM/ODM Service is accepted.

Custom Insulated Cooler Bags

Save cost for your custom promotional cooler bags. Our wide variety of fully customizable insulated cooler bags for Amazon, Wish, Shopee, and more online wholesale. Cooler bags ensure your audience keeps your food and drinks cool while at the company party, family reunions, outside picnic, and sporting events. These cooler tote bags are perfect for beating the heat with integrated insulation to keep contents cool while raising the temperature of your marketing campaign.

What kind of cooler bags sells well on Amazon?

On amazon, you must choose a low price and high-quality cooler bag, so that consumers are willing to spend money to buy your products.Then what is a good cooler bag?

Here are some tips when choosing cooler bags for your frozen goods:

1. Figure Out The Size Customer Need

Cooler bags come in a variety of sizes. Smaller ones are ideal for family use when going on an outside picnic. For your online business, however, you have to consider the size of your customer.

If you are facing a customer who likes wild fishing, you need to custom large in size, light in weight, and good in insulation. That way the price will be higher.



2. The Different Material Choices

Aside from size, you need to find suitable material for customer
different needs. Typically, the interior walls of cooler bags are lined with a thin layer of flexible foam covered with heavy-duty foil to strengthen the insulation process.

However, you have more liberty in choosing the material for the exterior of your cooler bag. Each material provides additional benefits to the user in terms of weight and cleanability.

These are the usual materials used for cooler bags:

Canvas – Canvas has a moisture-resistant nature. It’s also lightweight. Plus, printing your brand name and logo is relatively straightforward for this material.
Cotton – Good ol’ cotton is a classic material that’s great for everyday use. You can easily find suppliers in case you need replacements.
Neoprene – This type of rubber is best for frozen goods since they’re moisture-resistant and easy to clean.
Nylon – Nylon is another ideal material for your frozen good business. It’s one of the strongest insulating materials to keep your products chilled.
Vinyl – This one is an affordable material that’s high in durability, which makes it an inexpensive solution for keeping your food fresh.

3. Look for One With Sections Or Dividers

Having sections or dividers is another crucial aspect of your cooler bag. It’s a wise strategy to offer a delivery service to your buyers. To maximize your profits, you may be thinking of sending out your products all at once to save on fuel costs.


Moreover, sections or dividers are valuable for multiple deliveries. These ensure that the products won’t get in contact with each other. Plus, they minimize spills, which can lead to food contamination.

4. Check The Bag’s Impermeability

The bag’s exterior must be waterproof enough that it doesn’t allow external elements, like dust and even wind, to get inside. Similarly, the condensation from your frozen goods must not leak to the exterior. You must also check that the zipper seals the bag properly to avoid cold air from seeping through.

We are a professional cooler bag supplier & factory from China. If you want to sell cooler bags on Amazon or locally, please contact us. We accept OED/ODM & wholesale services.



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